Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I'm Out of Control!

 On Sunday, the worship leader said something that struck me. He said,

"When I'm in control, I'm out of control."

     The truth is, when we allow the Lord to envelop us in his love and guidance, notice his work in our lives, and pray diligently, our lives begin to order themselves. It may not be an easier life, but when faith is placed in Him it's a more joyful one!

Notice God's Magnificence Poured Over the Earth

   We notice God’s truth sprinkled in every nation and area–but it’s not just sprinkled, it’s poured everywhere. The whole earth is drenched with the evidence of our King, and we, as Christians, spend our whole lives striving to notice the magnificence of God. In truth we've only found a drop of water, when there is an entire ocean, a wonderful sea to discover. I encourage you to start a God journal--try to write down one thing you noticed God doing in your day every day for as long as possible. Noticing Him allows us to love Him more.