Monday, November 16, 2015

Life Everlasting: The Season to Rejoice in!

     What a beautiful time of year. As we are fully immersed in the school year and life is busy in so many ways, we are able to delight in the beauty of the Lord. The leaves on trees changing from green to beautiful hues of red, orange, yellow, and purple. Once their beauty has reached its peak they fall-- one by one they pile up on the ground, waiting to be raked up by people like you and me.
     The changing of seasons can represent so much, and fall, slowly fading into winter, is no different. I think the falling of leaves can be such a beautiful image for Christians. As we watch the leaves fall we can see such a beautiful imagery taking place. We live our lives day by day, we delight in the joys and sorrows of loved ones, we enjoy the company of our friends, strive to learn and grow in our studies, and work diligently at our jobs.
     The greenness of leaves can be seen as new life, youthfulness, or birth, for although we are clueless as to how long each of our lives will be, we have been made new through Jesus. But as we live, we reach our point of beauty,  just like the leaves achieve their brilliant hues; eventually the LORD calls us home to him, similarly to the leaves falling and taking their place on the ground. It is not morbid, or sad, but a delight! With love for Christ, we will reach our point in heaven and the beauty of our earthly life will be magnificently changed into the beauty of heaven! That's not to say, however, that heaven is our only goal -- the life on earth is to be lived in love for the Father, and Him alone.

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